TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info

TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info

TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info

The TEXAS RATTLER™ - with its Patent Pending U-Lock™  is the new invention from Capt. Rex Harrison Hoyt , the pioneer of rattling jigheads.

Capt. Rex was the inventor of the original Rockport Rattler ® in 2003 &  the Rockport Rattler® QuickLock  -  with which Capt. Rex earned a US Patent in 2009 (  US Patent No.: US 7,614,178 B2 ) and he sold Rockport Rattler® company and product 5 years ago.

The TEXAS RATTLER™ jighead with its innovative U-Lock™ soft plastic  locking device improves the locking device on his rattling jighead inventions over the last 15 years and all jigheads on the market today.

The TEXAS RATTLER™ will have the ability to universally lock a soft plastic onto a jighead  without  using lead prongs or steel wire that tears, rips or shreds  a soft plastic when a fish bites a jighead.

The TEXAS RATTLER™ will be a  quicker & better way to thread a soft plastic on a jighead, especially rattling jigheads ... without  shredding or ripping your expensive  soft plastics from fish bites, ... which will save anglers a LOT of $$$ in their fishing endeavors.



History of Rattling Jigheads

TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info

TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info

TEXAS RATTLER™ with its unique U-LOCK™ locking system is the new rattling jighead invention from Capt. Rex Harrison Hoyt .

In May 2003 Capt. Rex introduced the 1st 'rattling' jighead to the market he called the Rockport Rattler™ - to help anglers catch more fish via his web site and local tackle shops along the Texas gulf coast. 

In March 2007 Capt. Rex introduced the Rockport Rattler™ QuickLock and earned a US Patent  ( US  7,614,178  B2  ) on it  issued in September 2009.

Without advertising Capt. Rex's rattling jigheads became the most popular and productive jig head on the market - nationwide !  

Why ?

Anglers were catching more fish, bigger fish and more variety of fish than on standard jigheads - in BOTH saltwater and fresh water fishing. 

In August 2003 Corpus Christi Caller Times Outdoor Sportswriter David Sikes caught his 1st flounder ever on artificial bait using Capt. Rex's rattling jig-heads,  (after years of grinding on his own and  doing fishing articles with outstanding Fishing Guides all across Texas for the CCC Times), during his fishing trip with Capt. Rex  for the writing of his article on Capt. Rex's rattling jig-head invention,  published in the Sunday Edition covering 2 full pages in the CCC Times in August 2003.

And, ... as Mr. Sikes headline article read in that  two full pages of the Sunday Edition Sports Page:  "Rockport Rattler jighead hauls in fish during outing "

Why ?

To be able to survive, one of the most developed sensory systems on a fish allows it to detect sound and vibration to locate its prey to feed on. Fish have two highly developed sound detecting systems, the Acoustico-Lateralis System, commonly known as the lateral line and it's inner ear. These systems give fish a sense of "distance touch" and ability to detect and locate prey in the murkiest waters and even total darkness.

Bass Tourney Anglers started inserting rattles into the bodies of soft plastic baits in the mid 1990's to win a LOT of Bass Tourney $$$.  

The rattling jigheads that Capt. Rex invented back in 2003 improved this greatly by the way the rattle chamber is imbedded into the lead of the jig head and mated alongside the hook. 

This gave Capt. Rex's rattling jigheads some very distinct advantages.

  • a rattle cannot come out of the bait & on a strike  and a  lost rattle costs around 40 cents each - ouch !!!

  • Lead and steel are outstanding  conductors of sound which will amplify the sound of the rattle outside the soft plastic. 

  • Water, also being an exceptional conductor of sound, allows rattling jigheads to be heard from much greater distances.


The problems with ALL  jigheads on the market today, including screw-locks and Rockport Rattler QuickLocks,  is they use a lead prong or a steel wire to 'lock' on the soft plastic to keep it from slipping off of the  jighead. 

Consequently, the current locking devices on ALL jigheads on the market today can rip or tear your soft plastic when a fish strikes or bites it.

The TEXAS RATTLER™ jigheads - which are by far, more superior than the Rockport Rattler® jigs Capt. Rex invented - solve that problem with the new Patent Pending U-LOCK™ while universally locking an anglers soft plastic on the  anglers jighead.



TEXAS RATTLER™ : Inventor Info


The  TEXAS RATTLER™ jighead, is a Patent Pending Lure,  with its innovative U-Lock™ - which is the finest locking device ever put on a jighead.

With the new design on the TEXAS RATTLER™, the rattle is now locked in by two  locking devices: one rubber and one lead, with the polymer U-LOCK™ on the exposed end of the rattle bonding with the polymer soft plastic to prevent slippage or the ripping and tearing of your soft plastic by the jig-heads locking device. 

There is no "cantilevered orientation" to the locking of the rattle in the jig-head on the TEXAS RATTLER™ jig-head like there was on my 1st US Patent back in 2009 and as such, the TEXAS RATTLER™ is the 1st jig-head to have it's rattle locked in on both ends to keep it from being pried and breaking which is what happens on a cantilevered rattling jig-head.

The TEXAS RATTLER™ U-LOCK™ is a new 1) concept, 2) design and 3) material that "no other jig-head on the market contains or has those benefits for anglers." 

Watch the videos on the VIDEO PAGE of our web site for side-by-side comparisons of other rattling jigheads  ...  including the Rockport Rattler®  vs. the TEXAS RATTLER™. 

The videos demonstrate the TEXAS RATTLER™ with its innovative U-LOCK™ is far superior to the both the Rockport Rattler®  Original Capt. Rex invented in 2003 and the Rockport Rattler® QuickLock Capt. Rex invented  and got the US Patent on in 2009.

When Capt. Rex put the 1st rattling jigheads on the market in 2003 they were made in Rockport, Texas - when he sold that company in 2013 those jobs were moved to Mexico.

Today, the "Worlds Finest Jighead" is once again ...

Made in the USA